Ready, Set, Done

10 minutes of free writing of my unfiltered self?! Hmmm lets see where this goes.. 

Our great-grandmothers washed clothes by hand, cooked healthy, home cooked meals every night, sewed clothes, and so many other things I can’t even begin to fathom. When did all that change? What occurred in society that made it okay for the pressure on wives and moms to be raised to the standard it is now? The challenges our great grandmothers faced, I thought have been alleviated by technology to make things easier for us today. But it seems we are faced with the exact opposite.

We have unreachable expectations for women in our society today. You are supposed to have a clean, tidy, in place home, children who behave like the Beavers at all times, a husband whose needs are met – because God knows if that department fails then according to society it’s perfectly okay for him to look elsewhere – a fit figure, nice car, dinner on the table by 6:00pm, all while making a decent income to provide for the family. Wooooo I’m exhausted typing that yet alone living up to those standards.

Everyday I am faced with a choice of how I am going to respond to my family when they come with their requests and needs and wants usually all at once. It is a conscious choice every time, everyday. Do I let the pressure I feel or that is placed on me define who I am as a mom to my kids? No, I try (and fail miserably sometimes) to be present with them. To understand that in just a few short years I will miss them and their little voices filling my house with arguing, yelling, needing, loving, and laughing will be out of my house and off to college and a life on their own.  Being a wife, mom, and employee is difficult – Congratulations to all the women out there handling it so well! Don’t beat yourself up if you get frustrated and show it sometimes. It’s ok if the kids have a Galaxy s5 instead of the s7. Don’t let society dictate what the standards are in your house! Be you! Do you!

Times up…




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