10 Steps for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the art of living in the present. Many of us go through life on autopilot. Being mindful helps you slow down and quit rushing through your days. By staying present and being mindful, you can make the little moments more enjoyable and memorable, and you will start appreciating life more.


  1. Start breathing deeply, softly, and properly. (Let Go: Guided Breathing)
  2. Let go of the past and start living in the moment
  3. Whatever you choose to do, embrace it and commit fully to it
  4. Stop and observe. Take a few moments out of your day to just stop, take in your surroundings, and just observe
  5. Express gratitude for good moments and grace for bad (30 days of gratitude)
  6. Eat without distractions
  7. Embrace the beauty in nature. “Nature is always here and now…always fresh. Never past, nor future.”
  8. Embrace the 3 C’s – Choice, Chance, Change
  9. Declutter your brain with Mind Mapping
  10. Find quiet time for yourself. “The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”






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